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class gxp.PointSymbolizer(config)
Form for configuring a point symbolizer.

Config Options

Configuration properties in addition to those listed for Ext.Panel.

Function Optional color manager constructor to be used as a plugin for the color field.

Array A list of objects to be used as the root of the data for a JsonStore. These will become records used in the selection of a point graphic. If an object in the list has no “value” property, the user will be presented with an input to provide their own URL for an external graphic. By default, names of well-known marks are provided. In addition, the default list will produce a record with display of “external” that create an input for an external graphic URL.


  • display - String The name to be displayed to the user.

  • preview - String URL to a graphic for preview.

  • value - String Value to be sent to the server.

  • mark - Boolean The value is a well-known name for a mark. If

    false, the value will be assumed to be a url for an external graphic.

Object A symbolizer object that will be used to fill in form values. This object will be modified when values change. Clone first if you do not want your symbolizer modified.