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class gxp.grid.CapabilitiesGrid(config)
Create a new grid displaying the WMS cabilities of a URL, or the contents of a The user can add layers to a passed-in GeoExt.MapPanel from the grid.

Config Options

Configuration properties in addition to those listed for Ext.grid.GridPanel.


A callback method that will be called when a url is entered into this grid’s NewLayerWindow. It should expect the following parameters:

url the URL that the user entered
success a callback to call after the successful addition of a source
failure a callback to call after a failure to add a source
scope the scope in which to run the callbacks

If this is not provided, a default implementation will be used. It is recommended that client code use handlers for the ‘add’ event on the metaStore rather than overriding this method.

Boolean Use this property (set it to false) to force the widget to hide the option to add new sources even when a proxy is set up. Defaults to true.
Ext.grid.ColumnModel or Array[Object] The ColumnModel as normally specified in Ext Grids
metaStore A Store containing the alternative stores that are available for this GridPanel. Stores added using the grid toolbar’s ‘add sources’ button will be added to this store.

The store must provide at least the following fields:

name the display name for the store
store the WMSCapabilitiesStore instance
identifier an id string that layers may use to associate themselves with a source (useful for serialization)
url the root URL to the source’s OWS service
The id of the column to auto-expand. Unlike the standard ExtJS GridPanel, this class provides a default value of ‘title’.

Public Methods

Public methods in addition to those listed for Ext.grid.GridPanel.

Param:base: a boolean indicating whether or not to make the new layer a base layer.

Adds a layer to the GeoExt.MapPanel of this instance.


Events in addition to those listed for Ext.grid.GridPanel.


Fired when a new source is selected.

Listener arguments: