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class gxp.form.AutoCompleteComboBox(config)

Creates an autocomplete combo box that issues queries to a WFS typename.

Config Options

Configuration properties in addition to those listed for Ext.form.ComboBox.


Object Providing custom sort info allows sorting of a single field value by multiple parts within that value. For example, a value representing a street address like “1234 Main Street” would make sense to sort first by “Main Street” (case insensitive) and then by “1234” (as an integer). The customSortInfo object must contain matcher and parts properties.

The matcher value will be used to create a regular expression (with new RegExp(matcher)). This regular expression is assumed to have grouping parentheses for each part of the value to be compared.

The parts value must be an array with the same length as the number of groups, or parts of the value to be compared. Each item in the parts array may have an order property and a sortType property. The optional order value determines precedence for a part (e.g. part with order 0 will be compared before part with order 1). The optional sortType value must be a string matching one of the methods (e.g. “asFloat”).

Example custom sort info to match addresses like “123 Main St” first by street name and then by number:

customSortInfo: {
    matcher: "^(\\d+)\\s(.*)$",
    parts: [
        {order: 1, sortType: "asInt"},
        {order: 0, sortType: "asUCString"}

String The name of the field/attribute to search on. The “name” of this form field will also default to fieldName if not provided explicitly.