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class gxp.form.ViewerField(config)

A form field that holds an entire gxp.Viewer. This field is used to process geospatial information in forms. By itself, this field does nothing but showing a map viewer in a form element, aligned with field label and suited for an Ext.layouts.FormLayout.

To actually have this field’s textarea populated with information, a plugin accessing the additional field property that this component adds to its gxp.Viewer instance is required. See gxp.plugins.FeatureToField for a basic plugin that does this.

Config Options

Configuration properties in addition to those listed for Ext.form.Field.


Number Height of the map viewer. Default is 220.


Object Configuration passed to the gxp.Viewer constructor. The portalConfig will be extended to make sure that the portal is rendered into this field.


Number Width of the map viewer. Default is 350.

Public Properties

Public properties in addition to those listed for Ext.form.Field.


gxp.Viewer The viewer wrapped by this field. This component adds an additional field (Ext.form.TextArea) property to the viewer, which is to be populated by a viewer plugin to actually give this field a value.